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About Autel

Autel was founded in 2004. The planning and engineering of all multi-brand diagnostic tools are performed by qualified American engineers, who give directives and guidelines in order for the headquarters to realize the final products. The tools are produced in the China, which is nowadays a world leader in the production of software, tablets and mobile phones.

“Autel is one of the main producers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, equipment and accessories in the automotive aftermarket.”

Autel engages in the creation of top-quality products by offering easy-to-use, innovative and easy to use products with an excellent price/quality ratio. In order to achieve this aim in a continuously changing and expanding market, Autel invests more than 10% of its yearly turnover in research and the development of new products and technologies.

By founding new seats, Autel can provide a widespread service and quickly react to the customers’ needs, which successively turn into higher quality products. This is possible thanks to a professional and qualified team, that is able to coordinate and manage the technical requests. We are proud to be offering a wide range of products, which benefit from the power of technology, promote the company and enable the professionals to concretely see improvements.


We strive to be a global leading provider of automotive electronics, diagnostic equipment and tools based on a thorough understanding of customer needs and requirements.


We create genuine and lasting value for everyone involved by providing customers with superior products and services, employees with excellent work and advancement opportunities.