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10 February 2020

Last February, the winners of the iF Product Design Award in 2020 were announced. As one of the leaders in the field of automotive intelligent diagnostics, Autel, with its continuous breakthroughs in product development, design concepts, and user experience, stands out from many entries and has won five iF Product Design Awards. The Winning products include Autel new generation smarter diagnostic strategy MaxiSys Ultra, MaxiSys MS919, MaxiSys MS909, as well as Autel new generation of superior clarity MaxiVideo 480/MV460.

Autel New Generation Smarter Diagnostic Strategy Faster Diagnosis, Smarter Software

Autel new generation diagnostic intelligent system, MaxiSys Ultra, MaxiSys MS919, MaxiSys MS909 are all designed to provide technicians with a detailed diagnostic and repair plan to guide the technician from code identification through analysis to repair.

For the MaxiSys Ultra and MS919, the new MaxiFlash VCMI adds a new dimension to Autel’s already sophisticated diagnostic capabilities by combining an improved VCI/J2534 communications and programming device with a sensitive oscilloscope, a powerful multimeter and a diagnostically vital OBDII CAN Bus Line tester.

With Autel’s new VCMI, the MaxiSys Ultra and MS919 now support D-PDU and RP1210 diagnostic protocols in addition to the J2534 protocol, enabling expanded coverage of passenger and commercial vehicles.

In terms of design, MaxiSys Ultra, MS919, and MS909 use top-quality materials, which not only have flawless design, but also are resistant to shocks and drops. The rubber surface has been finely treated with high-quality carbon fiber, with excellent quality.

Autel MV480/MV460 Higher Resolution Video, Smarter Inspection Value

Autel new generation of superior clarity MV480, equipped with the dual front and side camera heads, captures every detail within the wider 70-degree field of view in greater two-megapixel detail.

– Save and replay in high-definition within the brilliant clarity full color HD screen.
– Capture video or photo with the single trigger button and instantly save to gallery.
– Add and listen to audio commentary with the built-in mic and speaker for further analysis.
– Every detail counts when using the 7-time zoom with the large 4.1-inch display, on-screen horizontal and vertical reverse and video freeze frame.
– The 10x adjustable 10,000 LUX LED ensures you quickly and easily find your target issues.

With single camera, 3.5-inch screen, MV460 is also available.

Autel Always Exceed Customer Expectations

Autel specializes in the R&D (Research and Development), production, sales and service of automotive intelligent diagnostics, detection and analysis systems and automotive electronic components. The products are mainly sold to more than 50 countries and regions.

Autel has been deeply involved in the global automotive intelligent diagnosis and testing field for 15 years, now built three product lines including automotive diagnostic products, TPMS series for automotive tire pressure monitoring systems and ADAS series for automotive intelligent assisted driving systems. Autel continues to iterate from automotive diagnostic products, has developed specialized products such as TPMS series and ADAS series, and extends the business of intelligent automotive electronic components(such as tire pressure sensors),based on years of accumulated diagnostic data and cases, and began to provide integrated intelligent maintenance cloud services at the same time.

“In the future, Autel will continue to create greater value for global customers.”


To read more: https://ifworlddesignguide.com/profile/9349-autel-intelligent-technology-corp-ltd

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