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Quality Policy-OLD


The mission of Autel is to create genuine and lasting value for everyone involved by providing customers with superior products and services, employees with excellent work and advancement opportunities and shareholders with maximum profits.


We strive to be a global leading provider of automotive electronics and diagnostic equipments and tools based on a thorough understanding of customer needs and requirements.

Quality Policy

Quality and Quality improvement is every associate’s responsibility and ultimate goal. We strive to provide every customer with products and services of uncompromising quality. We do that by dedicating ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the products we provide.


Integrity is our cornerstone to success, is the foundation to win customer’s trust, our highest standard of manner, and our only way to realize long-term development and continuing success.


Pay respect, concerns and confidence to teammates. Always put collective interests as top priority and personal interest as second, work together, play collective initiative wisdom and pursuit excellence.


As the basic principle of personality, performing your work with earnest, conscientious, meticulous attitude, and being responsible, is the key to self development and excellent achievement.


Love our career, commit your heart and passion in the work we do, attribute your ingenuity and talent, and spare no effort to realize our common goals together.